Louis XIV is a French creative studio. These last 20 years, it has given birth to poetic and elegant projects. Philippe Convercey and Etienne Voiriot, the creators and co-founders of Louis XIV, claim the roots of their work and influence to be in the tradition of the ‘jardins à la française’. With such gardens as those of Le Nôtre in mind, Louis XIV aims for gardens with a precise composition and an elegance that brings them closer to Art.

In 2016, Etienne and Philippe, convinced that they could bring more creativity to what would be a new French Touch created Louis Quatorze and the L14 box, as a statement for their revolution in the academic practice of landscape architecture.

Gardens by the Louis XIV studio are inventive and full of surprises. Architecture, art, botany all designed together are its DNA. These two landscape architects seek in contemporary creation the expression of their own creativity. From their travel experiences and their discovery of incredible landscapes, they brought back some clues and keys for upcoming Louis XIV projects.

The garden
      'à la Française'

French landscapers have been creating gardens for centuries. André Le Nôtre, the genius gardener of Louis XIV, knew how to combine pleasure and technical rigour in the conception of a demanding work of art.
French gardens still embody elegance and luxury, worldwide. Refinement, a love for beauty, rarity, sophistication, are the qualities behind these creations.

The garden
      An 'art de vivre'

The garden is a very unique living space. Le jardin est un lieu de vie unique. Receptions, dinners, readings, walks and naps succeed each other, under the shadow of the trees and perfumed by blossoming flowers. The garden is an essential room, which extends outside the activity of a home and has some rare and precious pleasures to offer.

These exceptional moments allow an encounter with nature. The world of plants is a source of wonders. A garden is the perfect stage for diversity in forms, textures and colours. It awakens your senses to the extraordinary vegetal universes and atmospheres on the planet.

Philippe studied at the National School of Landscape in Versailles and Etienne in the School of Geneva. After having driven the Landscape Architecture Studio Territoires, and created many public space projects in collaboration with the greatest architects, their talent has naturally evolved toward the conception of gardens. Together they design the garden as a singular place, a place that intertwines the genius of plants, the demands of the climate and the qualities of a soil, and together creates something exceptional and emotional. These poetic moments are delicate but unforgettable.