The L14 Box
      The jewel box for your garden

The L14 offer allows you to interact and design gardens. It facilitates the creation of French gardens anywhere in the world. With this service, you will be able to ask a local gardening company, close to you, to carry out the work of our French landscape designers. Upon receiving your request, we will ask you to provide us with images of your property, a plan of your space and a short text in which you will describe your aspirations, your lifestyle, and your tastes to us.

You will then receive the global sketch outlining the design of your future garden by Louis XIV. This digital document will be accompanied by a book of sketches, chosen concepts, the desired atmosphere, a colour palette of plants, and the chosen materials. This set will be contained in a box entirely designed by French craftsmen. Sketches, drawings, reference images, texts and perspectives will be the keys which will allow you to enter the refinement of French gardens.

Your package will be accompanied by a guidebook, specifying the operational details of the realisation of your Louis XIV garden and the details of the service which binds us. We will also send you an object ‘Made in France’ for you to install in your future garden, as a celebration of our relationship.

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